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SOT Therapy
SOT Therapy

Supportive oligonucleotide therapy (SOT) therapy is an innovative method of fighting viruses and bacteria that uses messages from your own DNA to outsmart the disease. At Freedom Functional Wellness, Louise Higuera, NP offers comprehensive care for patients with Lyme disease, Lyme co-infections, and other viruses in their Mount Juliet, Tennessee, office. To learn more about this exciting treatment option, call the office or click the online booking feature now..

SOT Therapy Q & A

What is SOT therapy?

SOT therapy is a method of fighting viruses and bacteria, such as viruses, Lyme-associated bacteria, and Lyme co-infections. This type of therapy uses a sample of your blood to create a personalized treatment that fights bacteria and viruses over time. This can greatly reduce your symptoms and help you have a better quality of life. 


How does SOT therapy work?

To understand SOT therapy, you must first understand how the protein production process works inside your body. 

Your body contains billions of cells, and every organ has specialized cells unique to that organ. Within the cells are an information center (nucleus). The nucleus contains genes made of DNA unique to your body. 

The DNA contains the directions for protein production. Your body needs proteins; in fact, they’re the building blocks of your organs and enable proper structure and function. However, if the body overproduces certain proteins or makes “bad” proteins, it can cause many diseases.

Protein production starts with the cell making a copy of DNA. The copy (messenger RNA or mRNA) goes to the part of the cell that produces proteins. Then, the proteins are produced according to the mRNA blueprint. 

SOT therapy targets mRNA. After injection, the drug binds to the mRNA that’s causing your disease-causing proteins to be produced. This destroys the targeted mRNA and prevents the production of that protein. 

SOT therapy essentially shuts down the replication of Lyme and other bacteria and viruses at every stage of the life cycle, preventing the next life cycle from occurring. 


How does SOT therapy work?

Your Freedom Functional Wellness provider takes a sample of blood from an arm vein. The RGCC laboratory, located in Greece, analyzes that sample to find the genes causing your disease. They create an anti-copy that can target and destroy the bacteria or virus. 

The lab makes 500 million to 1 billion copies of your unique SOT molecules for treatment. You’ll receive these through an intravenous (IV) infusion that takes about 20 minutes. 

Once infused, the molecules work around the clock for as long as six months. They break down very slowly over time. This can lessen your symptoms and fight the dangerous viral or bacterial infection and its symptoms. 

If you have Lyme disease, Lyme co-infections, or specific viral infections, SOT therapy could be the right treatment for you. Call Freedom Functional Wellness or book an appointment online today.