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High-dose IV Vitamin C
High-dose IV Vitamin C

High-dose intravenous (IV) vitamin C is well known as a powerful anti-cancer treatment. At Freedom Functional Wellness Louise Higuera, NP, offers this unique alternative treatment in their Mount Juliet, Tennessee, office. Book your appointment using online scheduling or call the office to arrange your health-boosting IV infusion today.

High-dose IV Vitamin C Q & A

What is high-dose vitamin C?

High-dose IV vitamin C means receiving liquified vitamin C through a vein in your arm. With high-dose vitamin C, the amount you absorb is well beyond the standard daily vitamin C intake (90mg in adult men and 75mg in adult women).

This method of vitamin C delivery can have impressive benefits for your health and wellness. 


What conditions does high-dose vitamin C treat?

High-dose vitamin C is best known as a cancer-fighting measure. It may block tumor growth and therefore help fight cancer and prevent its progression. 

High-dose vitamin C can work synergistically alongside many types of chemotherapy. Additionally, high-dose vitamin C may help relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. 


What is the benefit of taking high-dose IV vitamin C versus oral tablets?

Taking vitamin C intravenously allows you to take in far more of the vitamin than you’d be able to through the oral route. 

In addition, when you receive IV vitamin C, it goes directly into your bloodstream. Oral tablets must travel through your digestive system, which means you lose some of the vitamin during digestion. 

You absorb 70-90% of vitamin C taken orally, but that absorption only applies to moderate doses. Once you take over 1 gram orally, the absorption rate plummets to 50%, and the remainder of the vitamin is unmetabolized and lost in your urine. So, IV delivery is unquestionably the most efficient way to absorb and get benefits from high-dose vitamin C. 


Why do I need a G6PD lab test for high-dose IV vitamin C?

If you need a vitamin C dose higher than 25 grams, Freedom Functional Wellness requires a G6PD lab test as a precautionary measure.

This test identifies people with G6PD deficiency, meaning red blood cells don’t work normally. In people with this deficiency, high doses of vitamin C could lead to hemolytic anemia, in which the body destroys red blood cells faster than it produces them. People without this deficiency are safe to receive high-dose IV vitamin C. 

Freedom Functional Wellness offers high-dose vitamin C infusions in a comfortable environment. If you need supportive cancer care from providers who really care about your wellness, call the office or click the online appointment maker now.